Science tutoring

I tutor online and in person. I have a biology PhD so I can teach biology for any level. I also teach chemistry to A level and all sciences up to GCSE.

In the next few weeks I will be updating these pages to provide resources for some of the trickier parts of biology and chemistry. If you have a question you’re struggling with then why not email me and I will do my best to add something here to help, make sure you tell me the level you are studying (e.g. A level, GCSE) and which exam board (Edecel, AQA e.t.c.). If you don’t know your exam board then have a look at your textbook or ask your teacher.

A level students –  have a look at the collection of past and practise questions. Make sure you check your exam board. Different boards have different requirements, and these can change year on year.

Below are A level biology practise questions by topic. The files with ‘MS’ are the mark schemes so you can check your answers. Sorry for the mass posting of files here. I will be back to tidy them up soon.

*Disclaimer – the questions uploaded to this site are for revision purposes and are not intended to be sole teaching materials for those studying for exams.


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