I’m Sam Penrice, I am data scientist/analyst/communicator/teacher/person. I use this site to hold some of my old work that I like to keep available to the public.


I can’t put my research experience in to a single box. I am a multi disciplined data scientist, who grew up through biological sciences and now I teach data and analytics. I am a big stats geek, and a big lover of sharing that. My enthusiasm when I talk has had me invited to speak at events and won me an inspirational tutor award. I have achieved some substantial collaborations off the back of a presentation I did on the geometric morphometrics of Disney character faces.

In my past lives I’ve done a lot of different things, both academic and not. I used to lecture in Equine Science, I researched physiology and psychology (not the same project). I have even written a book chapter on the bite mechanics of dog jaws. Before this I was an assistant trainer and business manager at a little ranch in Texas, and I’ve been lucky enough to explore a lot of the world. Teaching is important to me, I always want to share what I know, in lots of different formats, with lots of different people. I have saved  dozens of practise A level exam questions from my time as a science teacher, please feel free to download them.

My PhD research was on the evolution of form and function, over long periods of time using mathematical modelling to predict the drivers of the changes seen in the fossil record. To do this, I used stereospondyls as a model. No, that isn’t a strange kind of speaker from radioshack, Stereospondyls are ancient amphibians. They are some of the most well known early tetrapods, at my last count there were 262 described species, from every continent. Have a look at my other pages if you want to find out more. I’ve got a lovely collection of nearly 20,000 photographs of these super-giant-newt-monsters – and I am happy to share.

On this site you will find everything from my research highlights to tutorials and photographs.

You can get in contact with me easily:


Image header: K perfectus, my drawing, based in UT-BEG 31100-42

Below: C kugleri

c kugleri