About me

I presently work as a data lecturer specialising in analytics (including machine learning and AI), data vis and databases. Before this role I have been a data scientist in a higher education technology company and a company that specialises in data integration in the agriculture industry. I’ve worked in the highly specialised modelling and analytics teams meeting the diverse needs of internal and external clients, capitalising on my multidisciplinary background. I primarily programme in Python and SQL, and use Tableau and PowerBi amongst other tools, to create outstanding data visualisations, predictive models and interactive reports. I’ve previously managed internship programmes, as well as redesigned internal reporting for finance, project management and user interactions. Additionally, my code refactoring has resulted in runtimes being reduced 80x. A key part of my role is communicating my work to  non-specialised colleagues and a range of clients.

This page is a brief over view of the most important positions that I have held over the last 10 years. Along with my PhD, they have all helped me develop a collection of profession skills, which include:

Teaching, specimen based research, statistical analyses, data collection and management, training, project management, student support, course and module design, time management, research dissemination, comparative phylogenetic methods, morphometrics and biomechanics, travel planning and logistics,  oral and poster presentations.

I was able to keep up my teaching while was doing my PhD. I demonstrated (teaching assistant) on lots of things, in labs, tutorials, as well as UK and international field courses.

me portugal 2me demonstrating

Demonstrating in Peniche, Portugal and Lincolnshire Wildlife Park

Data Scientist

Jisc Sept 2020 to May 2021

  • Leading initiatives in data science across the data analytics directorate
  • Developed NLP processes for the analysis of large qualitative datasets, bringing to light previously unseen insight
  • Authored the “world class analytics” contribution to the Jisc white paper on FE data collection
  • Designed a new skills development programme for the data intelligence analysts which has been adopted by the wider directorate
  • Implemented automation and quality assurance, increasing team outputs
  • Mentored apprentice and early career analysts
  • Led the discovery process for data hub innovation, including requirement gathering and vendor communications
  • Applied an isolation forest algorithm to interaction data revealing activity patterns in at risk students
  • Created a novel technique for the anonymisations of large scale unformatted free text, incorporating named entity recognition to remove personal identifying information

Data Scientist

Map of Ag | Apr 2018- Aug 2020

  • Worked in the highly specialised modelling and analytics team of an AgriTech Company
  • Pioneered the use of NLP in the analysis of telephone interviews
  • Requirement gathering and data discovery for new products which are novel both to the business and the wider industry
  • Seconded to Weatherby’s Private Bank as a special data science consultant
  • Created several algorithms which used clustering in NLP applications to identify traits of interview questions and responses.
  • Designed a Tableau dashboard which was instrumental in securing a £100k bid.
  • Wrote the backend for a contact record matching programme.
  • Refactored code to reduce runtime 80x.
  • Managed interns – mentoring and upskilling them as they completed analytics and business intelligence projects
  • Design, analyse and present internal and client facing insight projects including sole responsibility for the budget reporting
  • Led quality assurance initiatives within the product team

Animal and Plant Health Agency (Defra) Support Scientist

October 2017 – March 2018

Support Scientist (Analytical Epidemiology)

In the Department of Epidemiological Sciences I provided support for projects that tackle diseases in the UK. I used VBA programming for access and excel to analyse data for epidemiological reports, in addition I contributed to several national and international publications as well as producing several sole author communications.

; Aston University

January 2017 – April 2017

Post-doctoral Researcher

I was the lead researcher on a project entitled Geometric morphometric analysis of G protein-coupled receptor structure. We won competitive funding based on both the potential impact of the project and my own research track record. I used specialised programmes to analyse 2D and 3D data.

Myerscough College, Preston, Lancashire

January 2011 – August 2013  

Lecturer (Higher Education) Equine Science

This position was varied and demanding. I needed the  ability to learn new skills and update my knowledge on a regular basis, to keep up to date with progression in the field of equine science. Working as module tutor, course tutor and dissertation supervisor meant professional skills like statistical analysis, critical literature reviews and research are part of the day to day role. I was in charge of the first and second years of the four degrees offered at Myerscough. Myerscough College is a land based college, and an associate school of UCLan. I was a part of the Periodic Course Review process, personally responsible for writing and validation of new modules across the degrees.

The range of degrees in the equine department meant that I often had to adapt my teaching style to the student and the topic. One of my favourite parts of the position was the supervision of dissertation students. I would work with them to develop their ideas in to research questions, and design and carry out appropriate methods, through to the analysis and presentation. My students worked on a range of projects, from physiology and reproduction, to the equine economy.

I was the lead for the departmental research, which was on athletic development of young riders. This was a completely novel research field for me. I managed this project from design to deliver. It required quantitative analysis of large data sets, it was successfully concluded when I presented the findings at two international conferences.

Tough Heart Riding, Texas, USA

October 2008- August 2011

Business Manager and Assistant Trainer

This was a role that I did both full and part time. I was responsible for the business management of a start up training facility. I also taught inexperienced horses and riders. This took a lot of self motivation and discipline. Making and maintaining professional relationships was a large part of what I did, in order to build up a lasting client base. My understanding of animal behaviour and biomechanics was essential.

daisyorlando and daisyme riding

Texas Fire Resources

April 2009-August 2010 (various)

Wildland Firefighter

I am a type II qualified wildland firefighter. This means that I can work on both wild fires and controlled burns. This is a job that needs excellent communication, team work, and rapid responses to changing challenges.

Hai Bar Yotvata

January 2009-March 2009

Reserve Assistant (Volunteer)

I wanted more practical working experience when I finished my MSc. I worked as a volunteer at the Israel National Park centre, near Eilat, in the Arava desert. The working team was a mixture of volunteers of different nationalities and experiences. We provided care for a range of native species, while managing improvement projects and public engagement.

me israelme wolf

Georgette the boa and Malka the wolf

Territorial Army 


Officer Cadet

I funded my undergraduate degree by being an officer cadet in the Aberdeen Universities Officer Training Corps. I earned the Military Training Qualifications I and II, which are for discipline and leadership. I was part of the winning team for the first ever TA snowboarding champions. I was the first female TA snowboarding champion.

me boarding


Research Articles

Penrice, S. and Deeming, D. C.  (under review) Morphometrics of feeding anatomy in Stereospondyl Amphibians, Australasian Palaeontological Memoirs 

Ataguba, G., Penrice, S. and Shearer, J. (2017) Exploring storytelling for digital memorialization, Communications in Computer and Information Science (CCIS) series

Penrice, S., Humphries, S. and Deeming, D.C. (in prep) Use of allometry of skull anatomy on the biological characteristics of extinct stereospondyls. Final draft to be submitted to Paleobiology.

Penrice, S. and Deeming, D. C. (in prep) Orbit position in extinct Stereospondyl amphibians was not a function of rostrum length, Final draft to be submitted to Palaeontology


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PhD Life Sciences – Evolution and Ecology Research Group

2018 University of Lincoln

Supervisors: Dr D Charles Deeming and Professor Stuart Humphries

Functional Morphology of Stereospondyl Amphibian Skulls


Post Graduate Certificate in Education (Lifelong Learning)

September 2011- July 2013 (Part time); University of Central Lancashire

Thesis: Motivation in Higher Education


MSc Marine and Fisheries Science

September 2007-September 2008; University of Aberdeen

Thesis: Molecular analysis of the parasitic copepod Lenaeocera branchialis in the North East Atlantic

BSc (Hons) Zoology, Upper Second Class

September 2003 – July 2007; University of Aberdeen

Thesis: Genetic and phenotypic variation within a colony of the Northern Fulmar Fulmarus glacilis